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Would You Believe It? by Karen Stollznow

Would You Believe It? by Karen Stollznow

Would You Believe It?: Mysterious Tales From People You’d Least Expect by Karen Stollznow

Has anything mysterious ever happened to you?

Experiences of this kind are more common than you think. And they happen to people you’d least expect, even notable scientists and skeptics.

This collection features personal stories and experiences of the mysterious, as told by Banachek, Susan Blackmore, Joe Nickell, Eugenie Scott, Chris French, Ken Feder, George Hrab, Steve Cuno, Ray Hyman, and many others, with a foreword by James Randi and an afterword by James Alcock.

These are tales about a wide range of extraordinary experiences, including ghost and UFO sightings, alien abduction, faith healing, séances, demonic possession, out-of-body-experiences, past lives, episodes of missing time and one case where time stood still.

You will read about a poltergeist in a bakery, a genius baby, a haunted concert hall, a stone carving that vanishes and reappears mysteriously, a one-time palm reader, and a former Mormon missionary who once believed he healed a woman of a brain tumor.

Sometimes the authors have explanations for their strange experiences.

Sometimes they don’t.

Whether you believe or not, sit back and enjoy reading this collection of mysterious tales from people you’d least expect…

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