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The Pride Trilogy by Richard Tabaka

The Pride Trilogy by Richard Tabaka

The Pride Trilogy by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka (The Pride #1)

Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin a secret has laid hidden. A secret that as horrifying as it is unbelievable. A secret that is about to be exposed. A woman searches for her missing daughter as a soldier struggles with his own demons to find himself. Together with a small group of unlikely friends they must form an alliance and battle an ancient enemy. At stake are the lives of two young girls and perhaps the fate of mankind. Can they defeat The Pride?

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Blood Pride by Richard Tabaka

Blood Pride by Richard Tabaka (The Pride #2)

Six years have passed since the terrible events in Wisconsin. Now, Nick, Suzanne, and Heather are thrust back into the fray. Plucked from their new lives in Oregon to face an enemy they think they know, only to find an enemy so much greater than they could have ever imagined. Tucked away in the wilds of Norther Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a terrifying Queen seeks to raise her kind back up to the top of the food chain. But she is not the only Queen in this forest. She will face three generations of warrior queens who want her kind dead. It’s all about the blood. Blood Pride picks up where The Pride left off and takes you on a full throttle ride all the way to its shocking climax. It ain’t over til it’s over…and it ain’t over yet!

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Pride Fight by Richard Tabaka

Pride Fight by Richard Tabaka (The Pride #3)

The final chapter of THE PRIDE Trilogy is here:
Their tranquil lives have been destroyed. Cassie and Bill have gone missing. The family suspects they have been taken by elements of a Shadow Government known as Black Pentagon, and its leader, General Arthur Lee.
Nick, Suzanne, Heather and Jim, join forces with a handful of friends and an unlikely pair of allies, to take on two terrifying adversaries at once. Deep under the verdant lands of Tennessee, a maniacal General has created a Super Soldier and he will soon have the power to create many more. The General has ambitions. Ambitions to be a God. As he prepares to unleash a deadly plague, an evil Queen holds ambitions of her own, as well as an ancient secret weapon unlike any other.
Driven by the desire to reunite her family, Heather will lead the charge. Pride Fight takes you on a mind bending ride of an America you never knew existed. A world where Shadow Governments and bloodthirsty creatures vie for power. Deep under the everyday America, we all know and love, lies a world of dark ambitions you will barely believe. Evil lurks in the hearts of man and hidden within the world of THE PRIDE!

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FREE Download The Pride Trilogy by Richard Tabaka [Sendspace]

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