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Are you looking for something that isn’t here? Request an eBook!

You can do many requests, but only one book per request.

>>> for Series, just input the name of the Series, no need to enter all the book titles one by one.


Request by leaving a comment in this format:


You can also make the requests through our Facebook page, by sending a private message to the page:



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  1. Requested by: Ahron Daffon

    Book Title: Carry On, Eleanor & Park, Kindred Spirits
    Book Author: Rainbow Rowell

  2. Hi! I like to request a book

    Book Author: Mark Mansfield
    Book Title: Scars Run Deep

    Thank you!

  3. hi again.. umm, i actually had this book but i was being dumb and now it’s not working((
    hope you have

    book author: Rachel Hawthorne
    book name: Trouble from the Start

  4. hey, thanks for the book. I was wondering if you have these books:
    The Ending Beginnings Omnibus Edition
    Author: Lindsey Fairleigh & Lindsey Pogue


    Author: Antonio Bachour

    thanks a lot..

  5. Hi, I would like to request for this book.

    Book author: Eva Gutowski
    Book name: My life as Eva The struggle is real

    thank you

  6. hi im looking for

    book author: alan f. alford
    book name: gods of the new millennium

    in epub/mobi version.

    thank you

  7. Hello,

    I’d like to request the following:

    Book Author: Summer Lane
    Book Title: “State of Allegiance”

    Book Author: Summer Lane
    Book Title: “Bravo: Blood Road”

    Thank you!

  8. i’d like to request a book:

    book author: kenzo kitakata
    book name: the cage

    thank you in advance

  9. Serie: Beautiful Monsters
    Book Author: Jex Lane

  10. Book Author: Victoria Scott
    Book Title: Violet Grenade

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