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Monsters by Kaylie Grayson

Monsters by Kaylie Grayson

Monsters (The Last Survivors, #1) by Kaylie Grayson

Monsters ruled the night.
But who would rule the day?

Vanessa Price is a girl who’d never had an easy life. She was a loner, and that was exactly how she liked it.

But when everything and everyone she’d ever known was wiped away in a matter of hours, Vanessa was more alone than she could have ever imagined. The disease spread quickly, and all that was left was a world filled with horrific monsters that only wanted one thing… blood.

With her supplies running out, Vanessa is forced to go out into the world alone to find more. She’ll have to survive the night, but maybe she’s not as alone as she thought. What if the monsters aren’t the only thing out there she needs to worry about?

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