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Dragon Eye Series by Finley Aaron

Dragon Eye Series by Finley Aaron

Dragon (Dragon Eye, #1)

Ilsa has been afraid of dragons ever since she saw them in the sky the night she was chased from her village as a child. Now, a decade later, she’d love to return to the place she once called home—if only she knew where to find home.
Truth is, Ilsa doesn’t know who she is. She only knows her father left her in the care of a guy named Ram, who teaches her swordsmanship in a butcher shop until the day when it’s safe for her to continue home. But it may never be safe, and their enemies are closing in. Ilsa and Ram are being hunted, and they must flee through the dangers that bar them from their homeland.
The journey will require all their skill and strength, but it will also uncover the secrets of who Ilsa is and where she belongs.
She’s always longed for the truth, but once she learns it, can she accept it?
Is she…a dragon?
And do those ancient monsters even deserve to live?

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Hydra (Dragon Eye, #2)

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, near the shore of Loch Ness, lies Nattertinny Castle—whose name, in Gaelic, means “dragon-fire castle.” Before her death, Faye Goodwin mentioned a dragon who lived near the loch. Hoping to find the long-lost dragon, Ilsa brings her daughters to the castle near Loch Ness.
Wren, middle child of Ram and Ilsa, has been afraid of deep water and the dangers that may lurk there ever since sinister creatures nearly drowned her in the Caspian Sea. But Ed, the mysterious porter at Nattertinny Castle, knows about deep lakes and the monsters that dwell in their fathomless depths. He promises to keep Wren safe from whatever attacked her under the water…but to what lengths must he go to keep his promise?

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Phoenix (Dragon Eye, #3)

Out of the ashes of a once-great dragon nation, a flame-colored dragon named Nia emerged. Alone for centuries, Nia is desperate to find more of her own kind. She indentures herself to the mad scientist Eudora in hopes of learning the whereabouts of her fellow dragons. But this information comes at a cost—if she flees, the mutant dragon-hunting yagi, trained on her scent, will hunt her down and destroy her.
When Felix, youngest son of the Melikovs, meets Nia, he’s smitten. Felix promises to help Nia in her quest to find more dragons, regardless of the danger.
But Ram, Felix’s brother, also falls in love with Nia. As they journey toward the mouth of a live volcano, death threatens—ahead, behind, and among them.

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Vixen (Dragon Eye, #4)

Years ago, a dragon named Ion nearly killed Zilpha’s father. Everything Zilpha has heard about Ion says he is cunning, deceptive, and never to be trusted.
When Zilpha meets Ion, she learns there is far more to his story than anyone realizes. He knows things about dragon history and dragon powers that no one in her family knows. In fact, because of his unique background, Ion may be able to help them in ways no one else can.
But if Ion is going to earn the Melikov family’s trust and approval, he must battle enemies no one else has ever defeated—enemies both outside…and within.

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Dracul (Dragon Eye, #5)

Rilla may be a dragon, but she’s not about to let that get in the way of her plans to finish her college degree. More than anything, she’s focused on writing her senior thesis about the true identity of Vlad Dracul, the mysterious Romanian count who inspired the legend of Dracula.
The only problem? Rilla needs a rare book that has gone mysteriously missing.
So when a handsome stranger shows up at her door, book in hand, and offers her the text in exchange for her help, she accepts his offer, only to discover she’s not the only one who wants the book. A centuries-old villain wants the truth to remain buried…and is ready to kill for it.

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Basilisk (Dragon Eye, #6)

It has long been rumored that dragons don’t just hoard gold, they make it. But how? Humans and dragons have fought and died in hopes of learning the secret.
Felix Melikov has made gold, once, almost by accident, and he’s never managed to do it again, nor has he figured out how it happened the first time. He’s determined to sort out the secret.
But he’s not the only one who’s trying to solve the riddle. There are others, ancient foes, who are obsessed with making gold, and they’ll stop at nothing to learn what Felix knows.
Can Felix stay ahead of them and solve the mystery first? Or will this all-consuming quest consume him, too?

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