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Chasing Polaris by Autumn Doughton & Erica Cope

Chasing Polaris by Autumn Doughton & Erica Cope

Chasing Polaris by Autumn Doughton & Erica Cope

“Trust me,” he says.
“Trust is a lot to ask of someone you’ve just met.”
“Okay, then take a chance on me.”

Imogen Shaw is done with this life, or at least she’s done pretending that everything is the same as it used to be. What was once so perfect and uncomplicated is ruined. Her dad, a person she thought could never disappoint her, turned out to be a liar and a fraud. All she cares about now is getting out of town and starting her new life in Boston. Love, she decides as she packs up her room and vows to put all of the hurt behind her, is just a delusion for suckers.

If anybody knows about things falling apart, it’s Seth Cavanaugh. With an alcoholic mother and a sister stuck in prison, Seth’s gotten used to taking care of himself. He figures he can handle anything life hurls at him because whenever people have let him down, music has always been there to carry him through. But these days even music feels like a stranger, and now Seth is in search of something more.

The setup is simple: A starry night, a scavenger hunt, one unlikely partnership, and two desperate hearts headed for each other on a collision course. In Chasing Polaris, Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton bring you another radiant story about misfits, catastrophic mistakes, and unforgettable discoveries. Simultaneously heart-wrenching and hilarious, Seth and Imogen’s journey is one that can’t be missed.

A girl.
A boy.
A fragile trust.

Everyone knows that true love is a joke and hearts are made to be broken. But what if Imogen and Seth took the chance anyway?

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